I am proud to announce my first limited edition print sale.

This photograph is called Mordor, because when I was there, with the clouds closing on this high altitude pasture in the Gran Paradiso National Park, I felt I had entered the evil-crippled land of Sauron. I tried to impress this feeling by converting the original color slide to black and white and emphasizing the dark tones.

There are two sizes available, A4 and A3+, each limited to 25 signed and numbered prints on HP Satin-Matte archival paper with pigment inks.

The prizes are 25 € and 45 € for A4 and A3+ respectively (excluding shipping costs).

To purchase one or more prints leave a comment to this post and I will contact you directly.


  • A4——-23/25
  • A3+—–25/25

A quite place for memory and thoughts.

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

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I was photographing this Genista flower in the sunset when luckily a hover fly alighted. Everything was ready to take a good macro: I didn’t waste my chance!

Hoverfly on yellow Genista

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Above the clouds

The whole Liguria was covered by a thick blanket of clouds. Climbing up the Ligurian Alps, towards Monesi di Triora, I finally emerged under blue sky, leaving the grey clouds below. I captured this scene upon come back, after a day snowshoeing to the summit of Monte Saccarello (m. 2200 circa), at the border between Italy and France. The sun already set, but the rising moon and the last light illuminating this wonderful scene.

Clouds, Alps, Twilight

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Some winters ago I was exploring the High Valtellina and the valleys that lead into the secluded ski-resort of Livigno. It was 2003, down in Bormio there was a lot of ice but very little snow. To reach Livigno from Bormio you must cross the Passo del Foscagno, and finally up there, we found a lot of snow. Some kilometers away from the pass starts the Val di Vallaccia. The snow was almost untouched, powdery and perfect. We followed a large trail to this group of houses. Some ski tracks descended from the side slopes. Everything was white, pure, refreshing. I wish I had snowshoes to continue towards the end of the valley and be even more immersed in all this whiteness!

Alpine Snow Field

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High above the millenary marble quarries of Massa and Carrara (Tuscany, Italy), lies Campo Cecina, an undulating pasture perched among the steep cliffs of the Alpi Apuane. At 1300m and few kilometers from the Mediterranean, it’s possibile to enjoy a birds-eye-view of the flat coast shore of the Versilia and the Gulf of La Spezia, with the islands of Tino and Tinetto, Portovenere and the terraced hills of the Cinque Terre. So clear was the evening that it was also possible to see the Maritime Alps and the unique shape of the Monviso (soon in a coming post). These marble quarries had been exploited by the Romans to build the magnificent buildings of Rome and are still in use today. Lorries climb up the tracks carved in the slopes and at times a detonation goes off, another chunk separated from the mountain.

Marble Caves at Twilight

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Monte Fasce in Winter

It occasionally snows around Genoa and when it happens it’s a transformation. I go out to take pictures, unusual ones: the well known locations become a novelty. Here is depicted the Monte Fasce, which dominates western Genoa, from the winding road that leads to Sori and Uscio. I walked up to a small ridge where the wind gathered a lot of untouched snow. It helped me give the impression of a heavy snowfall (actually it hardly persisted more than a day). On top of Monte Fasce there is a crowd of antennas, fueling our appetite for information and communication.

Snow, Monte Fasce in Winter

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